Future Unicorn Award 2024

  • The Future Unicorn Award aims at celebrating scale-ups from across Europe that have the potential to become the future European tech giants. It puts under the spotlight SMEs which have demonstrated to be successful in digitising their business processes and in offering innovative digital products and services.

The award is compiled by asking all the national trade associations affiliated with DIGITALEUROPE to select a single scale-up from their country. This results in a truly pan-European selection of incredible digital companies from all sectors, including financial technologies, health solutions, smart home, academic, industrial, and many more.

The 19 nominees – which include innovative young companies in green tech, cyber security, e-commerce, and more – hail from all four corners of our continent and show the diversity of the European innovation landscape. 

The award is now being held for the seventh year in a row and is a testimony of the vital importance of SMEs in Europe and the wider digital ecosystem.

Last year’s winner was Red Points, announced at Masters of Digital, DIGITALEUROPE’s flagship annual conference, held in hybrid format this year on 21 February 2024, while the two runner-ups were Easee (Norway) and Plan A (Germany).

The 2024 nominees are

  • Aerospacelab from Belgium

    Aerospacelab is a New Space scale-up that specializes in designing, manufacturing and operating small satellite systems. With a unique vertically integrated approach – covering the whole value chain, from satellite and mission design to serial manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing, launch and operations –, the company is paving the road to an optimized and cost-efficient way to space.

  • Bright Spaces from Romania

    Bright Spaces is a PropTech Start-up dedicated to fast-creating customised 3D Digital Twins focused on compliance & aesthetics.

  • Commsignia from Hungary

    Commsignia provides improved safety, equality and efficiency for road users by connecting vehicles with each other, with the infrastructure and with the traffic management center using V2X technology.

  • CONNECT-ION from Turkey

    CONNECT-ION produces hardware products with a focus on industrial mobile technologies that meet high industrial standards. We also have a new generation cloud-based platform that works with our hardware. We provide services specifically for the logistics, transportation and security sectors.

  • Circu Li-on from Luxembourg

    Circu Li-ion has developed an automated battery upcycling solution, enabling an economical and ecological reuse and recycling of batteries.

  • Daytrip from the Czech Republic

    Daytrip, available in more than 100 countries, connects travellers with local drivers who not only transport them between major cities and tourist spots, but who also serve as local experts.

  • IriusRisk from Spain

    IriusRisk is the leading global Threat Modeling Solution for Security and Development Teams. We make secure design the standard, scalable practice for all digital teams. IriusRisk makes secure design fast, reliable and accessible to non-security users.

  • LightOn from France

    Paradigm is LightOn’s leading platform for managing LLMs and developing LLM-based business applications. LightOn has already built more than 12 Large Language Models from scratch, sizing up to 180 Billion parameters, ranking among the top open-source LLM Leaderboards.

  • Multiverse Computing from Spain

    Multiverse is at the forefront of technological innovation through quantum and quantum inspired computing. The company is pioneering a new era of computing, enabling it to tackle intricate problems that were previously insurmountable for traditional systems. Its innovative approach unleashes unprecedented computational power, enabling it to deliver breakthrough solutions in multiple industries.


  • Nvisionist from Greece

    A pioneering innovative solution, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance principles. We harness the transformative power of artificial vision technologies to address global challenges like climate change and energy transition. Notable is the nvbird® system, which mitigates bird collisions with wind turbines, preserving biodiversity and aiding in faster worldwide green energy adoption.


  • Octava Defence from Ukraine

    Octava Defence leads in cybersecurity as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) expert. With over 5+ years of dedicated experience, our robust engineering team delivers cutting-edge solutions, safeguarding Ukrainian and foreign customers through 24/7 MDR SOC projects and proactive defense strategies.

  • Protex AI from Ireland

    At Protex AI, we’re helping enterprise safety & operations teams to revolutionise how they make proactive safety decisions that help contribute to a safer work environment.

  • Quantagonia from Germany

    Quantagonia is revolutionizing computing by seamlessly integrating quantum and classical technologies, offering transformative solutions across industries for complex challenges and driving businesses into a future of limitless possibilities.

  • R8 Technologies from Estonia

    R8 Technologies is the leading human-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company that manages over 3 million m² of commercial real estate across Europe using the R8 Digital Operator, a data-driven AI control solution. The R8 Digital Operator reduces building operational expenses, increases property value, upgrades building energy class, reduces CO2 emissions, and achieves sustainability compliance.

  • Roboneers from Ukraine

    For dangerous tasks there are robots. We produce AI-driven UAVs, UGVs, RWS, anti-aircraft, and situational awareness systems for the military. Our main priority is to save the lives of soldiers with the help of technology.

  • Saga Robotics from Norway

    Saga Robotics empowers growers to maximise yield with the autonomous platform Thorvald—a leading provider of UV-C treatment for powdery mildew control in strawberry and grapevine production and also provides flower and fruit counts for yield prediction, predatory mites dispensing and runner cutting. Thorvald delivers preventive treatment to crops at night, with minimal use of fuel, pesticides or manpower.

  • Sofascore from Croatia

    Sofascore is a sports data company that offers live score services and turns complex data into instant, easily comprehensible statistics for fans of every sport, everywhere. Sofascore covers more than 11,000 tournaments in 25 different sports and in 43 languages.

  • Swascan from Italy

    Swascan, the trailblazing Cyber Security Company, pioneers with its exclusive Cyber Security Testing and Threat Intelligence platform. It is home to an acclaimed Cyber Security Research Center, adorned with national and international accolades from major IT market players. Cool, and unrivaled, Swascan sets the gold standard in digital defense.

  • Veo Technologies from Denmark

    Veo has developed an intelligent sports camera that enables sports teams of all levels to record and automatically live-stream matches.

Commissioner Gabriel Keynote and Future Unicorn Award Ceremony - Masters of Digital 2023
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