Our membership

A network of strong partnership across Europe and within its powerhouse: Brussels.

Our 109 corporate members are among the world’s top leaders in digital innovation, as well as in the production and use of digital technologies.

Our 41 national trade associations enable us to gather intelligence from all parts of the continent and to deliver advocacy campaigns in over 30 European countries.

In total, our membership includes over 45,000 businesses, mainly SMEs, which operate across the whole ICT value chain.


109 Corporations
41 National trade associations
45k Businesses
30 European countries

Corporate members

National trade association members

Our impact

What we do

Together with our members, we set the digital agenda in Europe. We build consensus and we help design policy positions on all relevant legislative matters.

We provide strategic intelligence and exclusive insights on relevant regulatory issues. We connect major corporate players to high-level policy-makers, thought leaders and legislators across the EU. With our network of national trade associations, we are a bridge between Brussels and all European capitals.

We are a trusted partner

We are strategically positioned in Brussels for over 20 years. We are committed to high ethical standards in our dealings with public officials. DIGITALEUROPE is recognised as a strong partner and a collaborative interlocutor to the European institutions. Through our workshops, events and projects we gather all relevant decision-makers from the industry, government, and other bodies to advance Europe’s digitisation.

We make a positive impact

The broad diversity of our membership is the proof of our know-how. By conveying the views of the industry to policy-makers, we support the development of a regulatory framework that nurtures innovation, advances digitisation, and spurs growth, job and competitiveness in Europe. Through the management of pan-European projects, we collaborate with European institutions to digitise Europe.

We take stock of digital transformation

“Digital” goes far beyond the ICT sector. It impacts all industries and transforms society. With our team of over twenty experts, DIGITALEUROPE is one of the largest and most agile trade association in Brussels. Our team takes stock of the ongoing digital transformation and provides support to our members by coordinating policy work across all digital policy issues: from cybersecurity to eco-design, including AI, eHealth or digital manufacturing.

We are present where it matters

We value the engagement of our members in all internal and external activities. We are directly involved in a series of strategic high-level groups, such as the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, the European Commission’s High-Level Group on New Industrial Technologies, the Board of the European Internet Forum. We have been leading the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition since 2016.

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