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At DIGITALEUROPE, we are committed to supporting the development of a Research & Innovation (R&I) framework that promotes the flow of knowledge between public research and industry.

Innovation is the most effective way of increasing the well-being of people. When countries and businesses invest in innovative products and services, people’s wealth increase, the quality of their lives improve, and they can target their efforts towards bigger problems. Yet, Europe is only spending 2% of its GDP on research & development. By contrast, the United States and Japan hover around 3%. 

At DIGITALEUROPE our policy work on research & innovation focuses on: 

  • Proposing solutions on legislative and regulatory issues affecting innovation and research and development for the digital technology industry
  • Supporting increased and more effective public funding for R&I in ICT, particularly through the Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020)
  • Reinforcing Europe’s capacities in key digital technology areas through large scale deployment and widening the diffusion and uptake of innovative solutions with the Digital Europe programme
  • Encouraging the participation of research partners from academia, small businesses as well as established companies, with our MCARD-2020 Model Consortium Agreement.
Areas covered
  • Digital Europe Programme
  • Horizon Europe
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Open-science
  • Public-private partnerships
Our resources on Research & innovation
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Policy Paper 16 Sep 2019
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Policy Paper 19 Feb 2019
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Your contact for Research & innovation
Julien Chasserieau
Policy Manager for Data & Innovation
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