Connectivity & infrastructure

DIGITALEUROPE aims to contribute to the creation of the right framework for Europe’s evolution to a gigabit society, from very high-capacity networks to 5G.

Connectivity is fast becoming the essential part of the modern economy. 5G, for instance, is a turning-point technology that cloud deliver socio-economic benefits worth more than €110 billion every year and create 2.3 million jobs. Unfortunately, a high-quality digital infrastructure is often taken for granted or outdated.
At DIGITALEUROPE we aim to stimulate the uptake of cutting-edge digital infrastructure in Europe, with forward-looking and evidence-based policy on:
  • Investment in gigabit networks, ensuring the best connectivity is available anywhere in Europe
  • Spectrum harmonisation and availability to allow Europe to lead the next-generation wireless connectivity
  • Services and innovation, bringing the latest communication and digital transformation tools to EU consumers and businesses
Areas covered
  • 5G
  • Connectivity
  • Gigabyte society
  • Net-neutrality
  • Spectrum
Our resources on Connectivity & infrastructure
Policy Paper 04 May 2020
Response to EDPB draft Guidelines on connected vehicles and mobility-related applications
Policy Paper 05 Dec 2019
Response to BEREC public consultation on draft Guidelines detailing quality of service parameters
Policy Paper 07 Nov 2019
Response to BEREC public consultation on 2020 Work Programme and call for input to 2021-2023 Medium-Term Strategy
resource 09 Sep 2019
Feedback on draft implementing act on a contract summary template for electronic communications service providers
Policy Paper 02 Sep 2019
DIGITALEUROPE response to BEREC call for input on regulation and 5G ecosystem
Your contact for Connectivity & infrastructure
Jochen Mistiaen
Senior Policy Manager
Alberto Di Felice
Director for Infrastructure, Privacy and Security
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