Product compliance & standardisation

DIGITALEUROPE members are actively contributing to European Harmonised Standards and support the strengthening Market Surveillance in the Single Market. We promote the adoption of best practices, technology neutrality and interoperability .

Hence, the availability of Harmonised Standards for product compliance is essential for industrial competitiveness and a functioning Single Market. For instance, European companies in the computing, multimedia & telephony sector pay €3.99 billion for compliance every year. Therefore, to allow businesses to scale across Europe and the world it is crucial to ensure that the legal requirements to sell in the EU are effective and appropriate and that administrative procedures are increasingly simplified while keeping in line with recognised global practices.

In addition, in DIGITALEUROPE we have also facilitated voluntary industry initiatives  in areas such as:

  • European and global standardisation efforts
  • Support for the modernisation of the European compliance regime
  • Common charging solutions
  • The introduction of e-labelling in the EU
Areas covered
  • Market access
  • Market surveillance
  • Mobile devices
  • Product compliance
Our resources on Product compliance & standardisation
Policy Paper 01 Apr 2021
DIGITALEUROPE views and messages for the new European Standardisation Strategy
Policy Paper 16 Mar 2021
DIGITALEUROPE’s principles for a successful GAIA-X ecosystem
Policy Paper 10 Mar 2021
DIGITALEUROPE's feedback on draft standardisation request for Arts 3(3)(d/e/f) RED
Policy Paper 10 Mar 2021
DIGITALEUROPE's response to EG RE (09)05r01
Policy Paper 09 Feb 2021
Industry competitiveness heavily relies on effective harmonised standardisation: joint letter
Your contact for Product compliance & standardisation
Tsai-wei Chao-Muller
Policy Director, Digital Technology, Innovation and Trade
Jochen Mistiaen
Senior Policy Manager
Florian Neubauer
Policy Intern, Digital Technology & Innovation
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