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DIGITALEUROPE and its members are committed to build trust in digital technology and to provide the European people with innovative technology solutions that will benefit them.

EU citizens feel increasingly empowered by digital technologies, which offer countless opportunities and lower prices for products and services. But as the EU population is getting older, there is an increasing demand to cater for a wider spectrum of user needs and abilities. It is not just an age-related issue: there are around 30 million visually impaired people, over 70 million people with moderate-to-severe hearing loss and an estimated 25-35 million people with physical disabilities of all forms in the EU.

At DIGITALEUROPE our policy work focuses on:

  • Creating a Digital Single Market that increases consumer trust in future technologies, avoids regulatory confusion and fragmentation.
  • Striking the right balance between high-level consumer protection and businesses’ ability to offer innovative products and services in all future EU consumer policies, including the New Deal for Consumers package;
  • Widening the participation in society of all EU citizens through harmonized accessibility requirements of products and services in the proposed European Accessibility Act.

Digital technologies should cater to all the European people

Areas covered
  • Accessible products & services
  • Copyright
  • Digital inclusion
  • e-commerce rules
  • EU Consumer Framework
Our resources on Consumer & accessibility
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Your contact for Consumer & accessibility
Lara Visser
Senior Policy Manager for Sustainability & Consumer Affairs
Hugh Kirk
Consumer Policy Manager
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