Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), thanks to advancements in deep learning and neural networks, has become one of the top issues on the minds of governments, companies and citizens.

AI have raised some doubts, confusion and questions, but in even greater measure, it also presents us with a vast range of opportunities. Healthcare, manufacturing and connectivity sectors are already making strides thanks to AI-powered analysis. In order to realise this potential and address concerns about the impact on jobs and society, it is more than ever the time to find a common and innovation-friendly European approach.

Within DIGITALEUROPE, we have gathered insights among our many companies and national trade associations, to ensure that technical and practical expertise is matched with the political, ethical and social goals of Europe. This should be paired as well with an eye towards the global context, in order to form a robust policy framework and take a leadership role for others to follow. We pay particular attention to topics such as:

    • How to stimulate investment and uptake into AI across Europe.
    • Preparing for a modern, human-collaborative workplace, with training for new jobs and skills.
    • Having a broad stakeholder dialogue between all parties to formulate the ethical framework for AI deployment.
    • Support the Commission’s goal to avoid the development of national initiatives that would further fragment the European regulatory environment
Areas covered
  • Ethics
  • Investments
  • Transparency
  • Data
Our resources on Artificial Intelligence
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Your contact for Artificial Intelligence
Julien Chasserieau
Senior Manager for AI & Data Policy
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