Building a stronger digital Europe. Together.

We are on a mission. We want to build a stronger digital Europe.

We know that Europe can lead in the digital age, but we need to do so based on what we excel at and the values we believe in. Together with our members, we aim to provide European institutions with expert knowledge on how to best realise Europe’s potential through digital technologies.

DIGITALEUROPE is first and foremost a team of motivated and dynamic experts. Together, we take pride in the work we deliver and we already look forward to welcoming you in the team.



Open positions

Director of Global Economic Affairs and Strategic Policy Files 

We wish to recruit a Director of Global Economic Affairs and Strategic Files. The Person will work very close with the Director General and develop and lead a small team working on Global Economic Affairs. 

This includes multilateral and bilateral negotiations (including free trade agreements and economic integration agreements), market access barriers, customs issues (classification and duty suspension of electronic products as well as rules of origins). The person will be responsible for maintaining and developing our relationships with international and global bodies and associations. Further the person will be running key strategic files and relations together with the Director General.

The team

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