At DIGITALEUROPE we are committed to contributing to a sustainable and energy efficient Europe, which brings benefits to society, makes full use of new technologies and thrives globally.

As of today, countries around the world have been unsuccessful at decoupling economic growth from increased CO2 emissions and resource consumption. For every 1% in global GDP, CO2 emission have risen by about 0.5% and resource consumption by 0.4%. Digital technologies could be a major contributor in helping societies address this challenge. For instance, it is estimated that by 2025 digitalisation could save over 26 billion tonnes of CO2 emission globally – about as much as Europe’s emissions across the same time period.

At DIGITALEUROPE, our work aims to ensure that our products are designed, produced, used, and where possible reused or recycled in a sustainable and safe manner. We also promote the benefits of digital solutions in achieving sustainable goals. By closely collaborating with all relevant stakeholders we contribute to shape coherent policies, notably on:

  • product design, including substance use
  • resource efficiency and waste management
  • reducing GHG emissions
  • broader global supply chain responsibility, including responsible sourcing
Areas covered
  • Chemicals
  • Circular Economy
  • Ecodesign
  • Waste
  • Responsible Business Conduct
Our resources on Sustainability
Policy Paper 16 Nov 2020
DIGITALEUROPE's initial views on the Sustainable Products Initiative
Policy Paper 28 Oct 2020
DIGITALEUROPE communication on energy labelling rescaling
Publication & Brochure 23 Oct 2020
Integrated batteries infographics
Policy Paper 12 Oct 2020
Joint industry response on the EU Waste Shipment Regulation's export provisions
Policy Paper 12 Oct 2020
DIGITALEUROPE recommendations for the EU guidelines on EPR modulated fees
Your contact for Sustainability
Milda Basiulyte
Director for Sustainability & Policy Coordination
Raphaëlle Hennekinne
Senior Policy Manager, Sustainability
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