Pioneering Sustainable Digital Transformation

Digital4Sustainability is a groundbreaking initiative committed to expediting the Digital & Green Transition in both the ICT sector and European Industry. The project plays a pivotal role in guiding companies to embrace advanced digital technologies for achieving their sustainability objectives. At its core, Digital4Sustainability aims to craft a comprehensive Digital Sustainability Skills Strategy and an innovative Training Programme, equipping businesses with the cutting-edge digital and green skills necessary to construct tangible ESG initiatives yielding substantial results.

Mission and Objectives:

The project’s mission revolves around the design of a Skills Strategy and Vocational Education and Training (VET) / Higher Education (HE) Learning Programmes tailored to address the pressing and evolving skills requirements in the pivotal domains of Digital & Green. The emphasis is on nurturing a new generation of Digital Sustainability Professionals through collaborations with VET providers and Higher Education Institutions. Simultaneously, it focuses on re/upskilling the existing workforce in ICT and Industry through structured work-based learning and short-term modular courses.

Holistic Support for Industries:

Digital4Sustainability extends its impact beyond the tech sphere, aiding non-tech industries in adopting these transformative technologies. The project not only facilitates technology adoption but also provides the ICT sector with essential training and support to devise effective digital solutions, actively contributing to the reduction of energy consumption, carbon emissions, and waste within the industry.

Sustainable Digital Upskilling and Beyond:

Beyond immediate objectives, Digital4Sustainability stands committed to providing digital sustainability skills intelligence and a long-term Skills Strategy. This commitment ensures sustained digital upskilling even after the project’s completion. Furthermore, the project actively supports the overall implementation of the Digital Ecosystem large-scale skills partnership under the Pact for Skills, fostering a collaborative and impactful approach.

DIGITALEUROPE spearheads Work Package 5: Europe-Wide Dissemination & Rollout of Project Outputs. This leadership role aims to encourage the adoption of digital sustainability programs across Europe and disseminate project results and best practice guides extensively. The goal is to maximize uptake and create a significant impact. Additionally, DIGITALEUROPE co-leads Work Package 6: Long-Term Sustainability Strategy & Scale-Up, focusing on crafting a comprehensive action plan for post-project activities. This involves ensuring the sustainability of industry-education cooperation and leveraging EU funding opportunities to support implementation.

For further information, please contact
Niels Selling
Senior Research and Innovation Manager for Projects
Wiktoria Orłowska
Communications Officer for Projects
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