Digital transformation

DIGITALEUROPE aims to facilitate the digitalisation of the European society across all vertical sectors. To this end, we support the careful development of policies that improves the trust, financing and adoption of emerging technologies.

All industry sectors, from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, are undergoing a digital transformation. As digital technologies increase productivity, improve energy efficiency and uncover data-based business model, governments are looking to develop new regulations. However, if not carefully designed, those regulation can result in new compliance requirements, market restrictions, and penalties that could be prohibitive to the development of European industries.
Through our working groups and our involvement in high-level groups on industrial technologies, the impact of digitalisation on workers and on artificial intelligence, we support the careful development of policy for the digitalisation of the Europe society. When it comes to digital transformation, we particularly focus on:
  • Foster and support the discussion on Digital Transformation, highlighting societal benefits
  • Engage in discussions the evolvement on Manufacturing, Health and Skills sector
  • Maintain fruitful dialogue with stakeholders on emergence of platforms and data economies
Areas covered
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital manufacturing
  • Emerging technologies
  • eHealth
  • EU data flows
  • Platforms
Our resources on Digital transformation
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Your contact for Digital transformation
Ray Pinto
Director for Member Relations and Digital Transformation
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