Data Space for Skills

The Data Space for Skills (DS4Skills) paves the way for the development of an open and secure ecosystem of trusted skills data space that supports the sharing and accessing of skills data.

Data is an essential resource for socio-economic growth, competitiveness, innovation, and societal progress. The European skills data space supports the sharing and accessing of education and skills data for various purposes such as data-driven policy development, re-use in innovative applications, or update of education and training programmes with emerging skills needs.

Today, information about skills, educational profiles, job offers, and training offers is scattered and siloed across a wide range of public and private stakeholders, such as educational institutions, private training providers, employers, EdTech, job boards, and social networks. The fragmentation of available skills data makes it difficult to seize opportunities at individual, organisational, and societal levels. The European skills data space wants to allow all stakeholders to join a common data sharing network to surpass silos and build innovative applications and uses of data.

The DS4Skills project also contributes to the implementation of major EU strategies and policy frameworks related to common Europe and data spaces and skills.


  • To identify relevant data sources for the skills data space and stakeholders’ needs
  • To propose conceptual approaches and possible options for the future deployment of the skills data space with an operational blueprint and specific use cases
  • To engage and develop consensus with the community of skills stakeholders and data spaces support centre

The DS4Skills project is funded by the European Commission under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), and DIGITALEUROPE is the coordinator of the project.

Visit the website and learn more about the project

For more information, please contact:
José Martinez-Usero
Director for Projects
Diem Tran
Project Communications Manager
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