CO-SECUR aims to improve citizens’ security perception and behaviour in public spaces, especially at large events and crowded areas, by actively engaging them to co-create innovative security solutions. CO-SECUR is a call to redefine security, not just as a physical necessity but as a shared perception rooted in citizen engagement and responsible innovation.

To achieve this vision, CO-SECUR will gather existing knowledge, provide practical tools, and facilitate capacity-building activities to inform policy decisions. Its central objective is to collaboratively develop a Societal Development Plan (SDP) promoting sustainable, scalable, and effective security solutions.

This SDP will showcase social innovation in security across Europe, incorporating best practices and offering actionable plans. It will extend support to local communities, offering policy guidance on responsible research and innovation (RRI) and social innovation, establishing industry benchmarks, and summarizing cutting-edge security technologies. Overall, CO-SECUR aims to empower communities and stakeholders to collaboratively develop and implement effective security measures.

DIGITALEUROPE leads Work Package 4 (WP4), the focus is on disseminating project results and engaging stakeholders. The objectives include the design of a Dissemination & Communication Strategy to support public engagement, project sustainability, and result widespreading. Broad awareness of CO-SECUR topics is ensured, and optimal actions are periodically assessed for their effectiveness in raising awareness and engagement. Additionally, support is provided to partners in effectively communicating and disseminating their results, enhancing transferability potential.

For further information, please contact
Chiara Longobardi
Senior Project Manager
Daniella Manassero-Bernal
Communications Manager for Projects
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