Future Unicorn Award 2021

  • The Future Unicorn Award aims at celebrating scale-ups from across Europe that have the potential to become the future European tech giants. It puts under the spotlight SMEs which have demonstrated to be successful in digitising their business processes and in offering innovative digital products and services.

The award is compiled by asking all the national trade associations affiliated with DIGITALEUROPE to select a single scale-up from their country. This results in a truly pan-European selection of incredible digital companies from all sectors, including financial technologies, health solutions, smart home, academic, industrial and many more.

The 21 nominees – which include innovative young companies working in digital health, renewable energy, cloud computing, fintech and more – hail from all four corners of our continent and show the diversity of European innovation.

The 2021 winner was announced at Masters of Digital, DIGITALEUROPE’s flagship annual conference, held online this year on 3 and 4 February 2021.


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AI healthcare start-up Oncompass Medicine wins DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award 2021

Future Unicorn Award 2021 winner Oncompass Medicine
Future Unicorn Award 2021: highlights

The 2021 nominees are

  • Art-Fi from France

    Art-Fi is a maker of innovative electromagnetic field measurement solutions that work like a high-precision scanner. 

  • Better from Slovenia

    Better provides digital solutions for healthcare organisations for data sharing and process management to improve patient care. 

  • CanopyLAB from Denmark

    CanopyLAB is a research-based social e-learning platform for developing competencies through individualised learning experience.

  • DefinedCrowd from Portugal

    DefinedCrowd is an overarching infrastructure solutions for clients’ artificial intelligence models, to make AI smarter.

  • Exeger from Sweden

    The inventor and producer of a patented solar cell technology integrated in everyday products to improve people’s lives.

  • FintechOS from Romania

    FintechOS is a provider of digital technology that helps banks and insurers innovate at speed.

  • Garrison from the UK

    Garrison is a patented ultra-secure isolation technology for secure IT solutions.

  • Inmatica from Italy

    Inmatica is an ICT System Integrator mainly for the public administration, energy and banking sectors.

  • Interact Medical Technologies from Turkey

    Interact Medical Technologies is an AI-guided robotic exoskeletons to enhance the mobility of disabled/elderly people and to reinforce the performance of industrial workers.

  • IS-Wireless from Poland

    IS-Wireless is a software company that develops and delivers 5G network solutions based on the Open RAN model.

  • Ocean Sun from Norway

    Ocean Sun is a solution provider and design architect for floating solar power plants.

  • Oncomfort from Belgium

    Oncomfort commercialises Digital Sedation, a digital therapy to reduce pain and anxiety in patients.

  • Oncompass Medicine from Hungary

    Oncompass is an AI-based medical software to choose the right targeted cancer therapy for every patient.

  • Ondato from Lithuania

    Ondato is a complete compliance management suit for KYC (know your client) procedures.

  • Orqa from Croatia

    Orqa provides a technology for low latency video transport enabling remote control of autonomous vehicles and drones.

  • Qarnot Computing from France

    Qarnot Computing provides green cloud computing services that reuse heat release by servers to heat buildings.

  • Radiobotics from Denmark

    Radiobotics provides algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of musculoskeletal x-rays.

  • Servvis from Turkey

    Servvis is a multi-brand platform that connects users to technical support for large electronics appliances.

  • SwiftComply from Ireland

    SwiftComply provides digital transformation solutions for water and wastewater authorities.

  • Valuer from Denmark

    Valuer.ai is a multi-sided platform designed to exchange innovation, like Linked-In for innovation.

  • Veriff from Estonia

    Veriff is a visionary AI-driven identity verification platform.

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