Developing a data quality and utility label for the European Health Data Space (EHDS)

QUANTUM project’s goal is to develop a data quality and utility label for the European Health Data Space, aligning with the HealthData@EU proposed regulation’s Article 56.

With a consortium of 36 partners, QUANTUM is an EU-funded project that aims to guide the implementation of a data quality labelling system in HealthData@EU. QUANTUM aims to enhance Europe’s healthcare by leveraging high-quality data from diverse sources. Its mission is to elevate global data quality standards; boost research value across various data types and holders; and experience a user-centric approach that fosters a continuous cycle of improvement and trust.


Transforming Healthcare

The project also aims to establish a capacity-building and outreach program for broad engagement in the data quality community.

Empowering Policies

QUANTUM leverages high-quality data, enabling informed decisions on health determinants, and shaping impactful, data-driven policies for public welfare.

Boosting the Economy

QUANTUM’s platforms facilitate collaboration between research, industry, and decision-makers, catalyzing innovation and economic growth through high-quality data

Promoting Innovation

QUANTUM elevates research by ensuring top-notch data quality across various fields, accelerating scientific discoveries and fostering innovation.

Quantum: The health data quality label
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Nathan da Silva Carvalho
Senior Research and Innovation Manager for Projects
Daniella Manassero-Bernal
Communications Manager for Projects
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