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Digital SkillUp – your guide to emerging technologies

Digital SkillUp has been created to help all European citizens and SMEs learn more about emerging technologies and prepare them for the digital future.

Emerging technologies impact how we live, work and interact with one another. They come with a wide range of opportunities for our society and economy, but they bring some challenges too. Getting ready for both is how we make the most of them.

Developed as a contribution to the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, Digital SkillUp is an online learning portal making knowledge on emerging technologies accessible and easy to comprehend for everyone – no matter their age, profession or ICT experience.

Digital SkillUp offers:

  • 3 online courses in 10 EU languages explaining the digital revolution, key emerging technologies and cybersecurity.
  • An extensive Training Course Catalogue with hundreds of high-quality courses on digital skills and emerging technologies available in one place.
  • A dedicated community space for emerging technologies and learning.

…and more.

Kick-start your learning journey and give yourself a head start into the digital world.

Start learning with Digital SkillUp:

Digital SkillUp Video

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