Accessibility for People with Disabilities

The ultimate purpose of the AccessibiliTech project is to promote the use of IT tools to improve and enhance e-inclusion and e-accessibility for people with disabilities and other related groups with similar needs, such as the ageing population.

With the current (and increasing) prominence of the role that ICTs play in people’s lives, it is vitally important that everyone has full and equal access to these types of technologies, regardless of their diverse abilities and disabilities, not only in terms of facilitating access for passive consumption of digital content, but also regarding access to creation, enabling users with varying abilities and disabilities to become prosumers, or in other words, fully participating, active agents and co-creators in digital processes.


The project will develop three core elements that have the capacity to secure the continuity and sustainability of the expected results and outputs beyond the end of the project:

  • It will develop and test an ‘Inclusive and Accessible Technology Chart and Guidance’.
  • A European Technology Surveillance Team to foster and promote accessible technology and solutions.
  • An EU Knowledge Hub: a multidisciplinary ecosystem established with the major European networks of technological businesses, services providers for people with disabilities and associations of people with disabilities, joining forces to ultimately respond in a concerted way to the challenge of developing inclusive and accessible technology.

    Project consortium

    For more information, please contact:
    José Martinez-Usero
    Director for Projects
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