Expanding the European EHRxF to share and effectively use health data within the EHDS

xShare is a 3-year Horizon Europe project that aims to revolutionize health data sharing by introducing the xShare ‘’Yellow Button’’ on health websites and apps.

The ‘’Yellow Button’’ will simplifies the movement of health data, ensuring compliance with GDPR rules and facilitating seamless sharing in the European Electronic Health Records Exchange Format (EHRxF), aligning with the upcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation. Users can easily exercise GDPR data portability rights by clicking the ‘yellow button’ on health portals and digital health apps. xShare’s mission is to establish EHRxF as the standard for digital health ecosystems in Europe, with budget allocations incentivizing adoption by innovative companies across member states. The project also aims to drive innovation in Electronic Health Data Spaces (EHDS) by establishing common rules, shared elements, and expanded specifications for clinical research. The initiative seeks to implement the xShare button across diverse settings in Europe and explore the EU xShare Industry label. 

Launched on December 1, the xShare project brings together 40 partners from all over Europe. The consortium comprises six standards-developing organizations, three industry associations, six health ministries, government agencies, and five SMEs in eight European Member States. 

DIGITALEUROPE will contribute to the project by supporting the creation of the European EHRxF Standards and Policy Hub and facilitating dissemination and outreach efforts. 


For more information, please contact
Alexia Papadimitriou
Research and Innovation Officer
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