Digital Sustainability Policy Group

The digital technology industry is committed to meeting the challenge of a material and energy efficient Europe. Our industry helps citizens and commerce to move to a more sustainable society and efficient use and reuse of the materials in our products. The industry promotes the use of recyclable and recycled materials and we will design products and services to be renewable, recoverable, or recyclable without compromising their ability to meet our customer’s demands. It therefore contributes to a sustainable and competitive economy.

The Digital Sustainability Policy Group (DSPG) aims to be the trusted and preferred partner for environmental policy makers, reaching out for constructive discussion with other stakeholders. It advocates the integration of environmental considerations at the stage of product design with the aim of reducing all relevant potential environmental impacts over its entire life cycle. We aim to demonstrate leadership in this area helping to support other industries through advancement in electronics, software applications and services.

The DSPG is composed of four clusters that group all active issues into a number of topical issues including substance restrictions, eWaste, material and energy efficiency, GHG measuring, Ecolabels etc..

The work is covered in four clusters:

  • Chemicals
  • Ecodesign
  • Waste
  • Resource efficiency

DSPG encourages policy makers and regulators to adhere to certain principles when developing environmental policies for the digital technology industry sector including the Life Cycle Thinking Principle, the Balancing of Different Aspects Principle or the Scientific Methodology Principle.

For more information please contact:

Lara Visser
Senior Policy Manager 


Milda Basiulyte
Senior Policy Manager