• DIGITALEUROPE volunteers at launch Brussels Binder

    2 February 2018On 31 January 2018, DIGITALEUROPE volunteered at the official launch of the Brussels Binder, a free online database that seeks to bring more gender diversity to policy debates in Brussels.

    DIGITALEUROPE fully supports the initiative to improve diversity in policy debates in Brussels. The database, which provides for experts from a multitude of sectors, shall facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between women. To this extent, DIGITALEUROPE encourages female policy experts working in tech to sign up to the database. 

    Advancing the discussion on workforce diversity, particularly in the ICT sector, is vital to DIGITALKEUROPE's Director General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl:

    "I have encountered many brilliant and knowledgeable women in my professional life who often struggle to make it to the top or to get the recognition they deserve. DIGITALEUROPE fully supports this ambitious initiative!" 
    Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director of DIGITALEUROPE

    During the official launch of the Brussels Binder, Frans Timmermans, first Vice President for Better regulation and the rule of law, delivered a keynote speech, reiterating that "[t]he Mission of Europe is to make sure every European citizen has equal rights". DIGITALEUROPE echoes the importance of diversity and equal opportunities and looks forward to providing permanent support to the Brussels Binder through an established partnership.

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