04 Apr 2024

A transatlantic partnership that stands the test of time: DIGITALEUROPE's Call to Action Ahead of last EU-US Tech & Trade Council Ministerial in this mandate

As we approach the last EU-US Trade and Tech Council (TTC) before the European and US elections, it’s crucial to strengthen our transatlantic partnership amidst a backdrop of global challenges. From cybersecurity to climate change, our joint interests have never been more intertwined, with the EU and US collectively shaping over 40% of global GDP. What we achieve together matters.

Here are five key actions we must prioritise:

  1. Sustain TTC momentum in the next European Commission

The TTC should be maintained after the elections, regardless of who is in charge. We should look again at the structure to make it more permanent, and rethink stakeholder engagement, which has been inconsistent and at times superficial.

  1. Level up EU-US collaboration on Artificial Intelligence

AI governance and human-centered AI are key areas for cooperation. With the EU establishing its own AI rulebook, accelerating collaboration with the US to align on international standards is a must. This alignment fosters trust and minimises disruption for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. The European AI Office and the U.S. counterpart should collaborate to develop a common framework for generative AI.

  1. Strengthen economic security

With over 85% of future GDP growth projected outside Europe, collaboration with partners is vital for economic security. Avoiding unilateral measures, we must focus on promoting critical technologies that enhance digital resilience and economic security such as quantum, AI and semiconductors.

  1. Collaborate in the field of 6G technology

The US and the EU are advancing their partnership in 6G technology, as demonstrated by the recent research and innovation cooperation agreement. Adopting a shared transatlantic 6G vision promotes research in critical areas such as microelectronics, AI, and cloud solutions, emphasizing security, resilience, affordability and sustainability. This collaboration should be further enhanced to boost 6G development, combining resources, expertise, and innovation for the benefit of cybersecurity, stability, and global security.

  1. Accelerate collaboration on green tech

The EU and US have the potential to lead in green technologies such as renewable energy. They should leverage their combined economic power to set global standards for sustainability, promoting a faster transition to a green economy. One example is the pioneering Digital Product Passport. This collaboration can also address critical supply chain vulnerabilities, particularly in critical minerals necessary for green technologies.

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Samia Fitouri
Senior Communications Manager
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