• Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl chairs the EC’s digital skills for the labour force working group of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

    4 October 2017DIGITALEUROPE's Director-General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, member of the Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition has been elected as Chair of the Coalition’s Digital Skills for the Labour Force Working Group.

    The objective of the group is to formulate recommendations for the European Commission and the Commissioner Mariya Gabriel concrete initiatives in the next 2 years that can contribute to the digital Economy of Europe by upskilling and reskilling workers, ensuring growth and that the European companies can find the right skills to fill jobs and stay competitive.

    As digitisation spreads across all sectors of the economy some jobs will disappear, but other be created, the aim is to make sure that the Labor force of Europe has the right digital skills to keep those Jobs in Europe. Employees need sound digital skills to remain productive in their current jobs and to become employable and entrepreneurial in the digital working place.

    In 2016, only 56% Europeans had adequate digital skills for the digital world they live in. One-third of the European labour force (employed, self-employed and unemployed) did not have basic digital skills.

    The labour force needs to be re-skilled for its digital future beyond basic digital skills with a view to professional-related digital needs. Already 20% of businesses of all sectors in the EU employed ICT specialists. However, the difference between SMEs and large businesses was remarkable, only 19% of SMEs employed ICT specialist. Only 22% of companies provided training to develop or upgrade ICT skills of their personnel.

    Developing solutions to digital skills challenges require strong cross-European private-public partnership and national partner network, adequate policies and appropriate funding.

    While skills policies fall largely under the competence of the Member States, the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is contributing to the development of digital skills and jobs.

    The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition’s Governing Board is entrusted with the role of strategic leadership and overall direction. It represents the views of the Coalition partners at European level and acts as a link between pledgers, National Coalitions and social partners.

    DIGITALEUROPE is tasked to prepare a set of recommendations on the challenges facing the labour force in the digital era supported by examples from Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition pledges, National Coalitions, as well as National Trade Associations, business and other interested organisations. In addition, it will advise the Commissioner on what can be done using the current structure and initiatives of the Coalition in the next 2 year.

    If you would like to be involved in the process, please get in touch with:

    Katarzyna Koziol
    Project Manager


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