• Joint Industry Paper on Draft Ecodesign Regulation on Electronic Displays

    4 July 2017On 3 July 2017, DIGITALEUROPE and eight other industry associations published together a position paper reiterating their strong reservations about the scope extension and material efficiency requirements as proposed by the draft Ecodesign Regulation on electronic displays (Lot 5).

    The Ecodesign Directive establishes rules for improving the environmental performance of products such as household appliances, heating and cooling equipment or information and communication technologies. Art. 15.4 (b) requires the Commission to carry out an assessment considering the impact on the environment, consumers and manufacturers in terms of competitiveness in preparing a draft implementing measure. 

    Industry is concerned that impact assessments carried out as part of the revision process have been limited to TVs and computer monitors. The environmental, social and economic impacts of the requirements to be complied with by most products that are now in scope of the display regulation (e.g. industrial equipment, machinery, medical equipment, smart meters, etc.) remain unknown. However, without appropriate consultation and assessment of how the requirements would impact the functionality of products, the European Commission shortcut the process set forth in the Ecodesign Directive and cannot provide substantiation to verify the assumption that products with an integrated display can be subject to the same requirements as TVs and stand-alone computer displays. 

    Moreover, the nature of some requirements in the draft display regulation is too prescriptive, in that it imposes a specific design trait rather than setting performance requirements. This approach lacks consideration for future product concepts and production technologies, thereby unnecessarily restricting innovation in the IT industry and impeding manufacturers in their ability to design products with more functional capabilities, better connectivity and the rigidity to withstand everyday customer use.

    See joint industry paper here


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