• Export control in the digital age

    13 December 2016How to make the rules fit for a digital world? DIGITALEUROPE attended a new edition of the Export Control Forum on the 12th of December.
    While last year, discussions focused around the potential options and solutions for responding to the new global challenges on security and human rights, this 2016 edition was an opportunity for the civil society to share its first assessment of the EU draft recast of the dual use rules published 10 weeks ago. 
    With a full attendance this year –many of our experts had to register on a waiting list, the Export control Forum was held under the Slovak Presidency, represented by Ms Jana Sermekova who introduced the meeting, together with the MEP Rapporteur on the file, Mr Klaus Buchner (Greens, Germany), and Mr Denis Redonnet, Director at DG Trade. 
    Six sessions in total were organised, going from the Human security approach, to the licensing architecture, the harmonisation and convergence of catch-all controls within the EU, the global convergence or transparency. 
    DIGITALEUROPE –represented by its Trade Vice-Chair and Issue manager, Magnus Nordeus (Ericsson), was among the panelists of the session ‘Export control in the digital age’. He was joined by Mr Morten Larsen from the Danish Business Authority and by Quentin Michel from the University of Liège. 
    Magnus reminded that this new regulation will pave the way in the EU for the next decade. So it’s absolutely vital we get it right. He also emphasized that in the digital age we’re living today, everything is and will be more and more connected. The EU is looking at the transformation of its Industry – the EU should only control products that really could cause a serious risk. He advocated for a better, tightened definition of the ‘dual use’ and stressed that the rules in the end would need to be proportionate with the Digital Single Market and the digital agenda. 
    DIGITALEUROPE has participated to all consultations run over the last three years by the European Commission on this matter and is a member of the Expert group set up by the Commission. 
    For more information please contact: 
    Diane Mievis
    Senior Policy Manager
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