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The Euromentors Association for Digital Entrepreneurs (further referred to as Euromentors) aims to initiate the rise of a pan-European business and mentoring ecosystem for digital entrepreneurs.

Launched as an initiative of DG Enterprise and Industry, Euromentors is one of the outcomes of the project “Fostering Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe: raising awareness and the visibility of digital icons and creation of a European eMentors ecosystem” launched in January 2014.

Therefore, the purpose of Euromentors is to raise the visibility on European businesses and entrepreneurs that offer new digital products and services, invent innovative business models and thrive through the intelligent use of novel digital technologies. By these means, the initiative wants to help spark, support and expand new business ideas and fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe.

For that, Euromentors will develop a European eMentoring ecosystem aiming to encourage and support national/regional mentoring platforms. The objective is to promote and encourage local mentoring activities that could benefit start-ups, intrapreneurs and growing businesses in their area.

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How Euromentors will work in practice: 

During the project (until end of 2015): the association will be setup, implemented and led by the grouping members.
After the project: the association will continue to exist and will be chaired by one of the grouping members e.g. EYIF, EBN, Digital Europe. There will be a presidency rotation every 2 years.

A webpage outside of EC’s domain will be developed for Euromentors.

The webpage will contain information about Euromentors (mission, objectives, structure, application process, its members etc.) as well as 2 application forms (for the mentor-driven organisations and for the mentors).

At a later stage, a searchable inventory of the mentors will be foreseen.

Key activities:

  • Euromentors will connect the existing mentoring organisations and mentors in the member states and at Pan-European level in order to share ideas, experiences and create synergies at specially convened knowledge sharing meetings, training sessions and specifically designed mentoring events.
  • Euromentors will organize meetings with the stakeholders, policy makers and community actors to gather their feedback on possible recommendations towards developing a joint strategy to increase the influence of mentoring at European level.
  • Euromentors will organize a yearly mentoring event in collaboration with its Elite members.
  • Euromentors will support the organisation of local mentoring activities
  • Euromentors will showcase best practices of its mentoring association and members, including particularly success stories.

For more information please contact:

       Jonathan Murray
Director of Operations 
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