Digital Advisory Council

About the Digital Advisory Council

The Digital Advisory Council (DAC) comprises a mixture of European CEOs of leading global digital companies and CEOs of large and small European digital companies. The Council was established to provide long-term vision and strategic advice on the business, trade and investment frameworks needed to boost Europe’s digital growth, and its competitiveness globally.

The full list of DAC members is available here.

Background of the creation of the Digital Advisory Council (DAC)

In July 2015, DIGITALEUROPE announced the creation of the Digital Advisory Council (DAC), comprising around 30 chief executives of European tech firms, large and small, and European business leaders of many of the world’s biggest technology companies. The aim of this new high-level body is to provide the EU’s most senior decision makers with input from the people leading the tech sector in Europe.

The chief executives on the DAC will focus on the big picture, providing politicians with the sort of feedback they don’t get in technical discussions about specific legislative proposals. They will also be able to give a unique insight into the process of digital transformation that is re-shaping the way all organisations operate, and which features prominently in the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy.

The DAC was established two months after the European Commission unveiled its long-awaited Digital Single Market strategy, with 16 separate initiatives intended to make the EU’s single market fit for the digital age. According to European Commission estimates, the Digital Single Market could boost EU gross domestic product by €415 billion per year and create 3.8 million new jobs. 



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