Executive Board

Mario Lelovsky

Member of the Board - ITAS

Mário Lelovský is a leading professional in area of Digital skills and Digital transformation in Slovakia. From 2014 he’s acting as a president and as a 1st Vicepresident of ITAS.

As of 2018 holds the position of 1st Vice President of National Union of Employers of Slovakia and heads the Education committee and Digital economy committee.

He co-founded the Slovak National Digital Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs and performs the position of Chairman of the Executive board.

He graduated in Informatics at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava in 1988. From 2004, he was CEO of Media Control company, a leader in construction of smart home’s building construction sector using fully integrated control, energy and security systems and developing telemedicine solutions in Slovakia.

He has been an active member of DIGITALEUROPE’s Digital Skills Working Group since 2017.

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