21 Sep 2017

DIGITALEUROPE welcomes Privacy Shield annual review

DIGITALEUROPE welcomes Privacy Shield annual review

The first annual review of the Privacy Shield Agreement, the framework to protect EU citizens’ fundamental rights when their personal data is transferred to the US, was an occasion for both the EU and the United States to reaffirm their commitment to the Agreement’s successful implementation.

DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the review and calls both sides to take a constructive approach to the process. By doing so, the partners will send a strong signal in favour of a fruitful cooperation on privacy and data transfers globally.

One year on, the agreement is of a great importance for the businesses to expand their activities across the Atlantic. It provides a legal framework for businesses to continue ensuring a high level of data protection in their transatlantic data transfers; over 2 000 companies (many of which SMEs) have already self-certified under Privacy Shield.

DIGITALEUROPE calls for support from all stakeholders involved – this is paramount to the Privacy Shield continuous credibility. This will contribute to increased business activity both in the EU and the US. We are grateful to the US government and to the European Commission for their continuing efforts in improving the legal certainty on the privacy in personal data transfers. DIGITALEUROPE and its members remain committed to collaborating with likeminded organizations and policy makers to ensure that the agreement remains a milestone of the transatlantic cooperation on data flows.

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