16 Dec 2021

Thousands of European citizens and businesses learn about emerging technologies with Digital SkillUp

In the digital world, our daily lives and careers are defined by emerging technologies. New technological solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Big Data, Robotics and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) come with a wide range of opportunities for innovation and growth.

However, understanding their impact and staying up to date with the ever-increasing pace of change can prove to be challenging for many. This rings true, especially for the labour market. While 9 out of 10 jobs in the European market requires digital literacy, today, only 6 out of 10 Europeans have basic digital skills. On the business side, 60% of SMEs use digital technologies at – at least – a basic level, compared to the Digital Decade target of 90% by 2030. Only 15% of SMEs are highly digitalised, whereas around 40% continue to struggle with implementing digital solutions.​

What is more, all too often, the available training offers are overly complex and focus primarily on IT professionals.

Digital SkillUp was created to address the urgent upskilling needs of European citizens and businesses. Developed as a contribution to Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, Digital SkillUp’s mission is to make the knowledge on emerging technologies accessible to all – from complete beginners to ICT specialists. It guides learners through the complexities of technological innovation and helps them find their way around digital transformation.

“With the free online courses from Digital SkillUp, we expect that more Europeans will be able to learn about emerging and emerged digital technologies. These courses will generate interest in users and therefore, could lead them to embark on an upskilling journey and ultimately embrace a tech career.”
– said Alexander Riedl, Deputy Head of Unit – Digital Economy, Recovery Plan and Skills, DG CONNECT, European Commission.

Digital SkillUp provides three online courses available in 10 European languages, which explore the digital revolution and its impact, key emerging technologies, and ways to stay safe online. More advanced learners, willing to boost their skills even further, can access the Digital SkillUp Course Catalogue and browse through a growing library of top-quality digital skills and emerging technologies training opportunities from vetted external providers.

Since July 2021, European citizens, employees, job seekers and business owners have taken their knowledge to a new level with Digital SkillUp. What do they have to say?

  • “Courses are easy to follow, not heavy loaded.  Self-paced is an important feature and it’s nice that when you come back, you can continue where you left off” – Product Director, Netherlands

  • “DSU courses are perfect to gain a basic knowledge of technical aspects. Something accessible but at the same time serious.” – Senior Citizen, Spain

  • “Presentation page for all three courses was clear and simple. It was very easy to start, the registration part was fast. It was very clear and immediate. Good quality.” – University Student, Italy

  • “Very nice design, courses are well made and really intuitive to use. The website is also nice, looks good and modern.” – EU Official, Belgium

Thousands of Europeans have already embraced the digital transformation – and how about you? Take the next step towards your digital future with Digital SkillUp. Visit digitalskillup.eu.

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For more information about the Digital SkillUp initiative, please contact the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform team: communications@digitalskillsjobs.eu.

Digital SkillUp

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