22 Feb 2024

Multiverse Computing wins DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award 2024

Multiverse Computing, a global leader in value-based quantum computing solutions hailing from Spain, is the winner of DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award 2024. The company was selected among the 100 most promising AI companies in the world in 2023. Multiverse has recently launched CompactifAI, which uses tensor networks to make Large Language Models smaller and more efficient.

The Award has been delivered by Iliana Ivanova, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, at a ceremony during Masters of Digital, DIGITALEUROPE’s annual flagship conference.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, said:

“This year’s award recipient, Multiverse Computing, is an inspiring example of European champions successfully combining technological innovation with environmental sustainability. Multiverse’s pioneering advancements in quantum and quantum-inspired computing are pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in AI optimisation and sustainability solutions. With innovators like Multiverse Computing poised to become unicorns, I am confident in European champions’ potential to confront the era’s most intricate challenges, building a more sustainable and technologically empowered future. Breaking down remaining Single Market barriers is vital for the EU to help scale-ups like Multiverse reach the next level and become global unicorns.”

Enrique Lizaso Olmos, Co-founder and CEO of Multiverse Computing, said:

“We are very proud to accept this award for our brilliant and hard-working team that includes 130 people from 26 countries,” Olmos said. “The researchers, computer scientists and business experts at Multiverse represent the best of Europe’s innovators who are building solutions to the world’s biggest problems.”.

About Multiverse Computing:

Multiverse is at the forefront of technological innovation through quantum and quantum inspired computing. The company is pioneering a new era of computing, enabling it to tackle complex problems that were previously insurmountable for traditional systems. Its innovative approach unleashes unprecedented computational power, enabling it to deliver breakthrough solutions in multiple industries.

More information can be found here.

About the Future Unicorn Award

Running for the 7th year in a row, the Future Unicorn Award celebrates scale-ups from across Europe that have the potential to become the future European tech giants. It is compiled in collaboration with DIGITALEUROPE’s national trade associations.

This year, 10 scale-ups from 10 European countries were nominated for the award. Representing a variety of digitally transforming sectors, including green tech, artificial intelligence and space innovation, two other companies made it to the final besides Multiverse:

  • Aerospacelab (Belgium): A New Space scale-up that specializes in designing, manufacturing and operating small satellite systems.
  • Veo Technologies (Denmark): Develops an intelligent sports camera that enables sports teams of all levels to record and automatically live-stream matches.
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