01 Jan 2021

Future Unicorn Award nominee: ART-Fi

Future Unicorn Award 2021

ART-Fi provides innovative electromagnetic field measurement solutions that work like a high-precision scanner, to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies.

For example, laboratory tests take 30 mins per test point and 5 weeks for a mobile phone – while with ART-Fi, it takes 3 seconds per test point and a few hours for a phone.

ART-Fi measures all elementary physical information of an electromagnetic wave and significantly reduces measurement inaccuracies and can test phones directly on the production line as well as after sales. ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation.

What is the one thing you owe your success to?

“The one thing we owe our success to is to ART-Fi’s expertise to provide fast, precise and evolutive electromagnetic waves measurement solutions to the telecom industry.”


To learn more about ART-Fi, visit their website

About the Future Unicorn Award

  • The Future Unicorn Award aims to highlight innovative start-ups and scale-ups that have the potential to become Europe’s next unicorns. The award is compiled by asking all the national trade associations affiliated with DIGITALEUROPE to nominate a single SME from their country. This results in a truly pan-European selection of incredible digital companies from all sectors.

    The award will be delivered at our flagship event, Masters of Digital on 4 February.

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