23 Nov 2017

Polish smart-devices market is growing

Polish smart-devices market is growing

Poland is rising to a position of a leader in production of smart consumer electronics. More and more smart-devices are being manufactured in Polish home appliances and consumer electronics factories and the manufacturers are investing more resources into building R&D centers in our country. What’s important, majority of said devices is being sent abroad. According to a „Polish revolution in smart sector” report prepared by ZIPSEE „Digital Poland” and Ministry of Development, Polish people are also spending more money on advanced TVs and big household products.

Authors of the report state that consumer electronics sector is one of the most dynamically growing branches of Polish economy. Its contribution to national economic growth is increasing systematically. Back in 2016, income of said sector from home appliances alone reached almost 5 billion euro, which was the 3rd highest result in Europe. Only the Germany and Italy surpassed this outcome.
Such a good result was possible mostly thanks to the scale of electronic devices export. In 2016, 87 percent of manufactured home appliances landed on foreign markets, mainly in Germany, Great Britain and France. At the same time, Poland in the biggest manufacturer and exporter of TVs in Europe. Almost 90 percent of manufactured TVs are sent abroad yearly.

Polish people are spending more and more on electronics
Sales of home appliances and consumer electronics are also stable in our country. According to the report by ZIPSEE „Digital Poland” and the Ministry of Development, expenses of Polish consumers on electronics are reaching the level of those presented by citizens in Western Europe. Back in 2015, we were around three years behind in this scope, in 2016 it was two years and the distance shrunken to a year in 2017. Polish people more often pay attention to technological solutions offered by manufacturers and are willing to spend more money if they are presented with more benefits in return. According to the report, a typical Polish citizen replaces his or her TV every 7 years on average and the refrigerator every 8 years. That means that a Polish household spends 270 PLN on a TV and 200 PLN for a refrigerator yearly.

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