15 Apr 2016

DIGITALEUROPE Views on Internet of Things

DIGITALEUROPE Views on Internet of Things


The Internet of Things requires an innovation friendly approach to policy. The pace of change is very high and many technologies and business models are still emerging.

There is a clear need for a permissive but accountable approach to new developments to allow innovation whilst maintaining appropriate safeguards to security and privacy.

In general, the EU’s approach to IoT policy should be guided by the following principles:

1. Be pro-innovation and pro-competition

2. Recognise the global nature of digital and remain open to free trade

3. Take stock of existing, harmonised and horizontal legislation before focusing on vertical regulation

4. Adopt simple and flexible rules for businesses and consumers

5. Encourage industry led standards

6. Involve and consult regularly with all interested stakeholders

We encourage the European Commission to take stock and make use of existing legislation before rushing into developing new regulatory measures. New legislation should only be considered where necessary and kept to a minimum to maximise innovation. One of the key elements in all actions is speed, to keep pace with innovation and technological developments.

We also encourage the introduction of an Innovation Principle to all future legislation so that whenever a policy or regulatory decision is under consideration, the impact on innovation should be fully assessed. In particular, that means a strict assessment as to whether the proposal is the minimum intervention for the objective, that it is technology neutral, business model neutral, that objectives are clearly identified and progress against the objectives and impact monitored against the original impact assessment.

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