07 Nov 2018

DIGITALEUROPE - Recommendations on Artificial Intelligence Policy


In this paper, DIGITALEUROPE outlines the main aspects and considerations of a European policy approach towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). This includes both long-term strategic considerations as well as more immediate and ongoing initiatives. We address key topics such as ethics, liability, skills and investment. The paper concludes with an overview of case studies and examples of AI and its role in the renewal and digital transformation of the European industry.

We take current legislation and governance as the baseline, in assessing how today’s regulatory framework is often equipped to answer questions related to AI, as well as noting how various rules should take into account the broader innovation and data economy perspective, to boost research into AI technologies and stimulate their uptake among businesses and citizens. A common European AI policy should encourage developers and practitioners towards a sustainable deployment of AI, as well as building trust with users.

DIGITALEUROPE and its members, across business and national trade associations, aim to be a constructive, informative and collaborative partner in the policy discussions around AI. We find that a multi-stakeholder approach, built on research, evidence and proportionality will be the foundation of a forward-looking and sustainable AI regulatory landscape. This ensures that policy remains dynamic and fluid, adapting to the constant evolution of technology. We build on the strengths of European innovation while keeping a global perspective.

  • Table of content
    1. Definitions
    2. Building trust
    3. Liability
    4. Education, skills & training
    5. Investment & uptake
    6. Conclusion
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