05 Nov 2018

DIGITALEUROPE Digital Manufacturing Executive Council

The launch meeting of the DIGITALEUROPE Executive Digital Manufacturing Council took place on 22 October 2018.

We heard the EU officials tell us they need our help in defining the path to success for Digital Manufacturing 5.0 in Europe. Only through a close collaboration between digital companies, manufacturing companies and relevant policy makers can we achieve this. That is exactly why this group will take the leadership to drive this collaboration further in the future.

The group has three overarching goals: growth in GDP, enhancing skills programmes addressing the new digital job market, and driving sustainable production enhancing new technology to achieve a cleaner environment.

I firmly believe that DIGITALEUROPE’s Executive Digital Manufacturing Council will be the platform for reaching these goals. Together with our 40 national associations we will create important dialogues with governments in EU capitals partnering for the prosperous future of Europe.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl
Director General DIGITALEUROPE

Policy Areas for Growth

  • Create a B2B regulatory environment incorporating creative policies such as sandboxes, giving businesses more agility to innovate.
  • Cybersecurity to provide a protected and secure environment for doing business and operations.
  • Create innovation hubs of excellence on AI platforms and data-driven services generating tech developers and creating attractive jobs for AI specialists.
  • Creation of a comprehensive education system from schools to apprenticeship, to college/university; enhancing digital skills.
  • Accelerate the 5G network with a specialised service for manufacturing (service-level, security).

Tangible Initiatives

  • Build a platform for technology, manufacturing companies and key stakeholders for the development of digital solutions that will result in job creation and sustainable growth.
  • Explore and create concrete investment opportunities such as participation in large-scale EU projects for the development of an important digital manufacturing technological EU platform, AI innovation, data-driven manufacturing services, and digital skills initiatives.
  • The EU acts as an honest broker to countries around the world (e.g. Japan, Korea) to foster cross-country digital projects – supporting data trading or data collaboration solutions needed to run an international digital manufacturing business.
For more information, please contact:
Ray Pinto
Director for Digital Transformation
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