05 Nov 2018

DIGITALEUROPE Digital Manufacturing Executive Council

The Digital Manufacturing Executive Council (DMEC) represents executives from leading manufacturers and technology companies defining the goals and action plan for the EU to become a world leader by 2025. DMEC have signed and publicly released a Declaration outlining their key goals, concrete actions and targets to measure

We heard the EU officials tell us they need our help in defining the path to success for Digital Manufacturing 5.0 in Europe. Only through a close collaboration between digital companies, manufacturing companies and relevant policy makers can we achieve this. That is exactly why this group will take the leadership to drive this collaboration further in the future.

The group has three overarching goals: growth in GDP, enhancing skills programmes addressing the new digital job market, and driving sustainable production by enhancing new technology to achieve a cleaner environment.

I firmly believe that DIGITALEUROPE’s Executive Digital Manufacturing Council will be the platform for reaching these goals. Together with our 40 national trade associations we will create important dialogues with governments in EU capitals partnering for the prosperous future of Europe.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl
Director General DIGITALEUROPE

Key goals by 2025

  1. The EU has a regulatory framework that allows the manufacturing sector to lead internationally as well as stimulates the development and deployment of key enabling technologies.
  2. The EU has developed a Digital Manufacturing ecosystem that leads on innovation and competitiveness.
  3. The EU is generating and enhancing investment in the Digital Manufacturing ecosystem and enabling technologies.
  4. The EU is a leader in creating high-value data-driven services and in sharing data across Europe and the world.
  5. The EU is continuously reskilling and upskilling its workforce to embrace digital production processes.
  6. The EU has accelerated sustainability and green growth through new industrial technology solutions.
Read the DMEC declaration

DIGITALEUROPE’s Declaration to ensure the EU is a world leader in Digital Manufacturing

Policy areas for growth

  • Promoting industry-driven industrial data sharing.
  • Develop with the EU performance indicators to measure the decarbonisation and sustainability potential of manufacturing digital technology.
  • Creating a strong collaborative ecosystem with IT, OT companies, academia and supportive incentives (including for SMEs).
  • Integrating sustainability in the future evolution of standards for better performance and incentives to go digital.
  • Moving work from competitive to more collaborative IT-OT standardisation models to accelerate digitalisation.

Tangible Initiatives

  • A platform for technology, manufacturing companies and key stakeholders for the development of digital solutions that will result in job creation and sustainable growth.
  • The EU acts as an honest broker to countries around the world (e.g. Japan, Korea) to foster cross-country digital projects – supporting data trading or data collaboration solutions needed to run an international digital manufacturing business.
  • Industrial data sharing use cases to educate policy-makers on key features of B2B data-driven business models.
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How to relaunch manufacturing in a post-COVID-19 world

Digital Manufacturing Executive Council members:

  • Alain Dedieu

    Senior Vice President at Schneider Electric

  • Arnaud Bacros

    Managing Director Enterprise at Dell EMC

  • Christin Eisenschmid

    Vice President and Managing Director at Intel Germany

  • Dieter Wegener

    Vice President at Siemens (representing ZVEI)

  • Francesca Tagliani

    Director, Marketing & Sales Operations EMEA at Rockwell

  • Frederic Sutter

    Digital Transformation Leader at Airbus

  • Greg Kinsey

    Senior Vice President at Hitachi

  • Håkan Andersson

    Head of Technology Strategy at Ericsson

  • Haldun Dingeç

    Production Technologies Director at Arçelik

  • Harald Schoening

    Vice President Research at Software AG (representing Bitkom)

  • Ian Sudlow

    Principal Technologist for Advanced Manufacturing, BAE Systems-Air Sector (representing TechUK)

  • Joline Jammaers

    Data Scientist at SAS

  • Markus Borchert

    Senior Vice President at Nokia

  • Miro Adzan

    General Manager at Texas Instruments

  • Patrik Sjostedt

    EMEA Regional Business Leader at Microsoft

  • Séverine Trouillet

    Global Affairs Director, EURONORTH at Dassault Systèmes (representing TechUK)

  • Tommi Makinen

    Innovation Lead Europa at Tata Consultancy Services

  • Juergen Grotepass

    Chief Strategy Officer Manufacturing at Huawei

  • Yann Magnan

    Executive Vice President Group Strategy at Groupe Randstad (representing Syntec Numérique)

For more information, please contact:
Ray Pinto
Senior Director for Digital Transformation Policy
Vincenzo Renda
Director for Single Market & Digital Competitiveness
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