17 Mar 2021

SURVEY: Be part of the European Blockchain Skills Strategy

Be part of the European Blockchain Skills Strategy and take the official EU survey! As a key partner in the CHAISE project, DIGITALEUROPE is looking to gather feedback on the current skills gap that companies in the blockchain field are facing, to help the European Commission develop appropriate trainings, tailored for the sector’s needs.

The CHAISE (blockCHAIn Skills for Europe) consortium brings together Europe’s top stakeholders in blockchain innovation and skills development. With a mandate from the European Commission, the CHAISE project will develop a new blockchain skills strategy to address the lack of trained specialists in blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) across Europe.

The project involves partners from 14 European countries, including DIGITALEUROPE. For more information, please visit the CHAISE website.

More information about CHAISE

DIGITALEUROPE joins CHAISE to design Europe’s strategy for blockchain skills

Take the CHAISE EU survey

The CHAISE EU Survey will help us obtain a precise picture of companies’ blockchain skill needs.

If you’re a company or a stakeholder active in the blockchain field, we encourage you to provide us your point of view, and, most importantly, drive our research underling which are the most important skills needs that you are experiencing.

The EU Survey takes about 20 minutes to be completed, and it will directly impact the results of our EU skills need analysis.

All of the information collected is completely confidential and no individual firm, employer, or employee will be identified in any way. A report on the survey findings will be created at the end of April.

Take the survey

EU survey on blockchain skills

For more information on the survey and on the CHAISE project, please contact:
Valeria Muggianu
Senior Project Manager
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