10 Jul 2023

'Good news for thousands of businesses': reaction to EU assessment of US data protection of personal data

Today, the adequacy decision supporting an EU-US Data Privacy Framework has been adopted.

DIGITALEUROPE Director-General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl comments:

“Today’s decision is good news for the many thousands of businesses big and small that transfer data across the Atlantic every day. Data flows underpin the EU’s annual €1 trillion of service exports to the US, and this decision will give companies more confidence to conduct business and help our economies to grow.

This agreement is vital for our security and to ensure that we can share data with our closest ally at a time of heightened geopolitical tensions. We are confident that both the European Commission and the US government have done what it takes to ensure this agreement meets all legal tests.”


DIGITALEUROPE’s analysis shows that 90% of EU businesses are transferring data to and from the United States, including 70% of SMEs.

The Commission’s decision builds upon the European Data Protection Board Opinion, which already noted the substantial improvements offered by US Executive Order 14086, and has been approved overwhelmingly by the Member States. This framework and decision are a sign of continued cooperation and commitment between democracies with corresponding values and shared principles.

DIGITALEUROPE has been supporting efforts on both sides of the Atlantic to reach a solid framework that can meet the Schrems II legal test.

For more information contact:
Chris Ruff
Director for Political Outreach & Communications
Alberto Di Felice
Policy and Legal Counsel
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