15 Jan 2020

Future Unicorn Award nominee: Unifly

DIGITALEUROPE is proud to introduce Unifly among the selected SMEs to participate in the Future Unicorn Award. This Belgian company is driving the digitisation of SMEs and enterprises with a platform which integrates drones into the airspace safely, connecting authorities with drone pilots to approve and manage drone flights.

About Unifly

Unifly offers an air traffic management system for drones. Every day, air traffic controllers all over the world guide planes safely through the airspace. However, drones are small, and they fly in the very low-level airspace, literally below the radar. As the industry continues to boom, drones will soon be too numerous to handle manually.

The Unifly platform connects to all necessary information sources to accurately handly drone traffic in real-time. With Unifly, authorities can see, approve and manage drone flights. Our BLIP is an electronic license plate for drones, it tracks the drone and shows the owner’s identification.

Unifly was the first in the market and we continue to use this speed of evolution to maintain our competitive advantage. We have a patent pending, but our real strength is the way our system is set up. It is not just the technology; it is a way of thinking. Besides our own knowledge we have founded our Customer’s Council, where we gather all our customers to exchange experiences, co-create the way forward and see which way the market is headed and what is needed.


  • Unifly BLIP: Drone tracking & e-Identification

    Unifly has developed a drone tracking and e-Identification product: the Unifly BLIP. This stands for Broadcast Location & Identification Platform. BLIP is tailored to the specific needs of UTM service providers, local authorities and drone operators. 

  • Unifly User Tools: Airspace legislation in the palm of your hand

    Unifly’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform connects official entities with operators to integrate drones into the airspace safely and securely. The Unifly approach offers a step-by-step, futureproof path towards a full solution.


  • Unifly Supervisor Portal: Manage unmanned traffic in your local airspace

    As the main software engine taking care of the drone operational support and flight validation, Unifly Supervisor portal uses airspace information, regulatory data, meteorological data, user data, drone data, traffic data (manned and unmanned) and obstacle data input to feed its rule-based engine.

    Main goals are to perform a pre-flight validation of the flight and perform a conflict resolution – i.e.: determine if the flight path is in conflict with any obstacle, traffic or regulatory limitation.

  • Unifly Connect: Build new applications based on the Unifly database

    Founded by air traffic controllers and pilots, Unifly has developed an award-winning UTM software platform that addresses the needs of all stakeholders in the drone industry. Unifly’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform connects authorities with operators to integrate drones into the airspace safely and securely.


To learn more about Unifly, visit their website

  • About the award

    The Pan-European Future Unicorn Award aims to highlight innovative SMEs that have the potential to become Europe’s next unicorns. The award is compiled by asking all the national trade associations affiliated with DIGITALEUROPE to nominate a single SME from their country. This results in a truly pan-European selection of incredible digital companies from all sectors.

    The award will be delivered at our flagship event, Masters of Digital, in Brussels on 6 February.

    For more information about the award please contact Yann Finger.

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