26 Mar 2019

DIGITALEUROPE publishes NIS Directive implementation and national cybersecurity strategies tracker

DIGITALEUROPE, in partnership with ECSO, today released a mapping of Member States’ implementation of theDirective on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive) alongside national cybersecurity strategies.

A major step to strengthen the EU’s level of cybersecurity, the NIS Directive has been in application since May 2018 and has established far reaching obligations and requirements for both Operators of Essential Services(OES) and Digital Service Providers(DSP). However, national requirements for both OES and DSPs vary from Member State to Member State. The NIS Directive mapping document that was published today aims to highlight such differences and contribute towards future efforts to achieve a more harmonised approach.

 Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, commented: ‘Europe is stronger and more cyber-resilient when it acts together to achieve scale. It is not only imperative that all EU Member States have resilient, modern-day cybersecurity strategies and legislation in place, but also that such legislation and strategies are broadly harmonised across Europe. The tracker we’re publishing today wants to contribute to this important goal.’

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) represents the counterpart to the European Commission for the implementation of the contractual Cyber Security Public-Private Partnership (cPPP). ECSO is supporting DIGITALEUROPE with the mapping of Member States’ NIS implementation efforts through consultation with its members, which include Member States’ local, regional and national administrations, as well as large companies, SMEs and start-ups, research centres, universities, end-users, operators, clusters and associations.

NIS Implementation Tracker

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