15 Dec 2020

DIGITALEUROPE on DSA/DMA: “Clarity on platforms’ roles and responsibilities as well as enforcing existing competition tools are key”

Today’s Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act proposals mark an important update to internet regulation in Europe. DIGITALEUROPE fully supports a stronger, more competitive Digital Single Market that benefits European consumers and businesses.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, said:

“Today’s Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act proposals mark an important update to internet regulation in Europe. DIGITALEUROPE’s membership supports the European Commission’s ambition to strengthen the Single Market for digital services in the EU. We agree that clarity is needed on the role and responsibilities of platforms to address the problem of illegal content online and help boost trust in the internet.

We are pleased to see the proposal preserves the core principles of the eCommerce Directive, which have allowed Europe to develop a vibrant internet economy. The innovation and growth of digital services in Europe will be crucial to a rapid economic recovery.

However, we’ll have to study the details of today’s proposal. Internet regulation is a balancing act between protecting fundamental rights like freedom of expression and privacy on one side and preventing illegal and harmful activities online on the other side. We hope the DSA will provide opportunities to enhance workable mechanisms of collaboration among all stakeholders leading to a safer online environment.

DIGITALEUROPE fully supports free and fair competition and the EU’s ambition to ensure European consumers and businesses can reap the benefits of the Single Market. Whilst there are legitimate concerns about digital markets, we believe that the EU should exploit existing competition tools to the fullest extent possible before considering the introduction of new mechanisms that may hinder innovation and market entry.

DIGITALEUROPE looks forward to engaging with policymakers on today’s DMA proposal to find a workable solution for all. Any regulatory approach should be evidence-based and take into account the specificities of particular business models and market conditions. The requirement of a fair hearing with legal due process and sufficient legal certainty must be adhered to across all of these new measures.”

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DIGITALEUROPE’s response to the Digital Services Act consultation

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Chris Ruff
Director for Political Outreach & Communications
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