06 Oct 2021

DIGITALEUROPE announces new Chairs of its Executive Council for Health

DIGITALEUROPE has appointed the new Chair and Vice-Chairs of its Executive Council for Health.

Launched on 2 July 2021, DIGITALEUROPE’s Executive Council for Health comprises 18 senior executives from leading healthcare and technology companies, all DIGITALEUROPE members. It has been established with the ambition to step up digital’s role in addressing urgent healthcare challenges and to lay out a roadmap for the European Health Data Space.

We congratulate the new Chair and Vice-Chairs and we thank them and all the executives of the Council for their time and commitment. This is a pivotal moment for the digital transformation of healthcare, as Member States look for guidance on how to use the recovery funds to strengthen their healthcare systems and for insights on AI and data regulation.


  • Francesco Buonarroti


    Vice-President & Chief Information Officer Business Technology Pharm Commercial EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

  • Jeanne Kehren


    Senior Vice-President Digital & Commercial Innovation and Member of the Pharmaceutical Executive Board, Bayer

  • Elena Bonfiglioli


    Regional Lead Healthcare EMEA, Global Lead Pharma and Life Sciences, Microsoft

  • Katrin Pucknat


    President, ResMed Germany

  • Padraic Ward


    Head of Pharma International, Roche

About the Executive Council for Health

Following DIGITALEUROPE’s recent growth in digital health – with members such as Roche, Eli Lilly, GSK and ResMed joining in the last year alone – and the success of the Digital Manufacturing Executive Council, the newly established Council for Health will draw on its expertise to share concrete examples and actionable plans with policymakers, in order to advance the digital transformation of the EU’s healthcare systems.

The Council’s membership reflects the diversity of the European and global health tech sector, including large pharmaceutical companies, providers of medical devices and insurance services, as well as leading businesses in cloud, software, hardware, and artificial intelligence.

The Council also includes three fast-growing healthcare start-ups: Climedo (Germany), Corti AI (Denmark) and Oncompass Medicine (Hungary) – the last two respectively 2020 and 2021 winner of DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award –, whose presence will help define the challenges facing European SMEs in the digital health sector.

For more information, please contact:
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