20 Oct 2014

Releasing Spectrum Bands for Mobile Broadband

Releasing Spectrum Bands for Mobile Broadband


Over the last 3 years DIGITALEUROPE and its members have supported the development of the CEPT and EU deliverables that define the harmonised usage conditions and characteristics of new spectrum bands for Mobile Broadband (MBB). New ideas and approaches to how new spectrum might be identified have been developed. These deliverables, including ECC Decisions, are now published and available to administrations to provide the basis for awarding spectrum rights to MBB service providers across the European region.

Besides the 700 MHz band, new frequency bands such as the 1.5 GHz (1452-1492MHz) and 2.3 GHz (2300- 2400MHz) are already identified in the Radio Spectrum Policy Group’s Opinion on Strategic Challenges Facing Europe in Addressing the Growing Spectrum Demand for Wireless Broadband” as vital resources in the near term to help satisfy the EC Digital Agenda objectives and increase the availability of high speed MBB services to European consumers and businesses.

The bands 3400-3600MHz and 3600-3800MHz are recognised as available for MBB in the EC Spectrum Inventory report but remain licensed to (mainly) regional BWA network operators. Only limited action has been carried out to identify a roadmap to make these bands available for MBB.

DIGITALEUROPE’s objective is to encourage driving forward the national processes of Member States for awarding these bands in a timely manner, enabling new system deployments that can drive higher MBB speed, network capacity and innovative services. In this respect, DIGITALEUROPE welcomes EC President Jean-Claude Juncker’s priority to “break down national silos […] in the management of radio waves.”

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