25 Nov 2014

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres - Stakeholder Meeting Follow up

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres - Stakeholder Meeting Follow up

Follow up thoughts from stakeholder discussion

1. The value of the Code has been confirmed; we know what we are doing is worthwhile

The Code is seen to have real value and has not been superseded by other approaches. However it might be useful to revisit the original objectives of the Code to ensure that these still reflect the way stakeholders perceive it.

2. The technical content of the Code has been strongly endorsed; we can leave that alone

The best practices in the Code are highly regarded and considered to be relevant and up to date. The review process works well and engages industry. No action is needed here.

3. The Code administrative process needs review – internal communication, external communication and marketing, registration process, data gathering and reporting, policing and enforcement, governance

Most issues raised by stakeholders related to process. There is scope for separating the technical content from the administrative function. If the administrative function were handled separately then feedback suggested that

– A European body would be required so the Code is not associated with a single member state.

– This body must be professional but not commercial.

– The sensitive functions (application ID, data gathering and reporting) would need to be handled securely, and demonstrably so.

4. Endorsers need to take a more active role

It was made clear at the stakeholder meeting that the Code is not taking advantage of existing capabilities of Endorsers or potential endorsers. This is something that endorsers can and should act on without the need for centralised direction – they already have a mandate to be proactive – this is explicitly part of their role as endorsers.

5. We need a step by step approach.

We need to think carefully about the best way to address the administrative issues and ensure that any proposals are fully supported by JRC and the existing Code team and do not jeopardise the Code function in any way. There are, however, some actions that can be taken immediately.

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