17 Dec 2015

DIGITALEUROPE’s Comments on Section II.2 of the Consultation on Standards in the DSM

1. Priority domains for standardisation in the Digital Single Market

DIGITALEUROPE believes that the approach to identify the need for development of European standards in the Digital Single Market should be improved and not limited to the classification/prioritisation of 10 domains.

DIGITALEUROPE notes that the consultation does not take into account the important work developed by the European Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP) with the consolidation of a detailed Rolling Plan for ICT standardisation – which covers all relevant domains involved in the development of innovative digital tools and services – and the associated advice for the priority ICT standards Plan. These two documents developed by the MSP provide relevant information (resulting from broad consensus of all MSP members) relating to the questions raised in section II.2 of the consultation and should be taken as the basis for any further work in this domain. In other words, any additional request should be submitted to the MSP for evaluation and integration into these working documents.

2. Background information to take into account

In order to effectively lead the European standardisation strategy in the ICT/digital domain, DIGITALEUROPE considers that the following elements should be taken into account in the most appropriate and efficient way.

For more information, please contact:
Klaus-Dieter Axt
Director for Digital Technology & Innovation and Consumer Affairs
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