19 Feb 2019

DIGITALEUROPE views on the EU R&I Strategic Plan: Future of partnerships – Missions


General views

  • The Strategic Plan implementing Horizon Europe must be the result of a transparent process with stakeholder consultation and dialogue during all its phases.
  • The industry must be involved in the design of public-private partnerships through a structured dialogue, consulted on missions, and represented in boards and other governance bodies or forums.
  • Technological neutrality must be ensured: missions and partnerships should focus on objectives and goals rather than favouring specific technologies.

On public-private partnerships 

  • The Strategic Plan should carefully assess which type of partnership is relevant for the objectives set by public sector and industry.
  • Capping the partnerships’ budget would endanger the whole partnership landscape without simplifying it.
  • Clear contractual rules for each partnership for the extent of Horizon Europe would ensure legal certainty for private and public partners and ensure long-term planning.
  • Phasing-out rules must be flexible. Successful partnerships must be able to continue their activities in the Framework Programme following Horizon Europe.
  • Early termination of partnerships must be based on clear reasons, with prior consultation of the beneficiaries and without prejudice on private funding and ongoing projects.

On missions

  • Only a few missions should be launched as a pilot, with limited budget. Only after positive evaluation should additional missions be implemented.
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