05 May 2015

DIGITALEUROPE paper on Energy Big Data Analytics

DIGITALEUROPE paper on Energy Big Data Analytics


Smart metering and smart grid technologies, currently under deployment in Europe, are transforming the Utility industry and the customer experience in search of a new energy deal that supports a more collaborative, ecofriendly, stable, reliable and cost efficient system as a whole.

These technologies, while continuing to support effectively key services such as meter reading for invoicing purposes have drastically changed the volume of information made available to both Utilities and Customers. In order to unlock the full value, Utilities need now to develop new Big Data Analytics capabilities.

This paper is directed at both the Utilities Industry and policymakers to stress how important Energy Big Data Analytics capabilities are to unlock the smart metering and smart grid investments value, and stress how critical it is to ensure viable regulatory environments are organized not to hinder taking advantage of this sector digital transformation opportunity.

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