01 Oct 2015

DIGITALEUROPE further recommendations for 5G spectrum above 6 GHz

DIGITALEUROPE further recommendations for 5G spectrum above 6 GHz


Over the last few decades, commercial mobile communication has evolved from voice-only to mobile broadband (MBB), enabling a multitude of services including ubiquitous use of the internet and, as a consequence, providing an important contribution to global economic and social development. It is expected that this evolution will continue, and the mobile broadband industry has already initiated studies for development of the next generation of IMT systems that will be a third family member of the IMT family named IMT-2020, but also called 5th Generation (5G) systems, while starting work on demonstrations and trials in Europe and other regions. In response to this development, administrations in Europe as well as in other regions have proposed an agenda item for WRC-19 for possible new allocations of spectrum resources to the Mobile Service and identifications for IMT.

DIGITALEUROPE has previously commented on the need for 5G spectrum from a general perspective; see DIGITALEUROPE’s previously published white paper and vision on this topic. The purpose of this document is to provide DIGITALEUROPE views on the frequency bands/regions above 6 GHz that have been discussed in the different Regional preparatory meetings for WRC-15 and the additional frequency bands/regions that may be of interest.

DIGITALEUROPE has submitted views to the CEPT CPG process for consideration in the development of a proposed WRC-19 agenda item on future spectrum for 5G and DIGITALEUROPE fully supports the inclusion of the frequency range 24.5 – 27.5 GHz in the list of frequency bands/ranges proposed by CEPT. However, as noted in the minutes to CPG (CPG(15)084), there are some views expressed that insufficient attention has been paid to identify bands below 20 GHz. In addition, DIGITALEUROPE is concerned that CEPT will take a vocal position against proposals from other Regions to include the 27.5 – 29.5 GHz band for future studies.

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