30 Jan 2015

DIGITALEUROPE - Follow-up position paper on draft display regulation

DIGITALEUROPE - Follow-up position paper on draft display regulation

DIGITALEUROPE would like to share a follow-up position to the Consultation Forum discussion held on the 10th of December. It includes new arguments and adds aspects to some of the arguments explained previously – most recently in the position dated 5th of December.

Previous DIGITALEUROPE positions are included in the Annex to this document. Among the major concerns highlighted in this paper are:

1. Importance of maintaining the current Energy Label logic

2. Scope extension beyond the EU consumer display market

3. Unrealistic ambition levels for on-mode requirements

4. Justification for a UHD allowance

5. Inadequate Automatic Power Down for connect displays

6. Alignment of Automatic Brightness Control measurement requirements

It is important to emphasize that DIGITALEUROPE continues to strongly stand by the validity of other, previous arguments that are not covered by this follow-up position, including notably those concerning End-of-Life requirements and On-mode consumption limits.

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