11 May 2015

DIGITALEUROPE comments - Digital Single Market Strategy

DIGITALEUROPE comments - Digital Single Market Strategy

DIGITALEUROPE’s vision is of a European Union that nurtures and supports digital technology industries, and that prospers from the jobs we provide, the innovation and economic benefits we deliver and the societal challenges we address.

DIGITALEUROPE commends the European Commission for making digital a top priority for Europe and welcomes the timely delivery of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy.

It is estimated that 75% of the potential economic benefits from the digital transformation now under way will be felt by Europe’s existing industries. Therefore we welcome the Commission’s plans to facilitate access to online markets and strengthen digital networks, and strongly hope for ambitious measures to support SMEs and boost the digital transformation of the economy and society.

We stress that the acid test for the DSM strategy is the impact it will have on economic growth and job creation in Europe. In order to achieve these goals, the implementation of the DSM strategy should be guided by the following general principles:

1. Be pro-innovation and pro-competition.

2. Adopt simple and flexible rules for businesses and consumers.

3. Recognise the global nature of digital and remain open to free trade.

4. Involve and consult regularly with all interested stakeholders.

DIGITALEUROPE will act as a trusted partner in the implementation of the DSM so that the much expected benefits of the DSM in terms of growth and jobs can be enjoyed by European citizens and businesses as early as possible.

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