28 Jul 2014

DIGITALEUROPE - A vision for access to the Internal Market

DIGITALEUROPE - A vision for access to the Internal Market


DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the Commission’s ambition to strengthen the internal market through the continued assessment of Union Harmonisation legislation on industrial products. As markets continuously change the Internal Market legislative framework has to be updated and should become more adaptable to a market in continuous evolution.

During the last years EU product harmonisation legislation had to be brought into line with the New Legislative Framework (Decision 768/2008/EC). After a first NLF alignment exercise for the Toy and RoHS directives, the next objective was the so-called “Alignment Package” consisting of the eight directives that were discussed in detail by the EU decision-makers and finally published on 29 March 2014.

The recently adopted Radio Equipment Directive (RE-D) constitutes another key element of this alignment process taking the outcome and discussions on “Alignment Package” into consideration.

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